5 Tips for Best Safari Photography

Tadoba Photography

Every year, around thousands of enthusiastic tourists set out on tiger safari in India with aspirations of seizing the quintessential wildlife pictures. Getting the ultimate shot isn’t just about good fortune—you can enhance your probabilities significantly with some watchful planning. Here are 5 tips for extracting the most out of this once-in-a-lifetime trip to Tadoba National Park.

1.Select Your Gear Sensibly
Select a camera setup that will get you near to the action without overburdening you. The simplest way to attain this is with interchangeable lenses— prominently a zoom lens around 200-400mm and other could be lens for comprehensive landscape shots. The best setup is two cameras: one with a long lens and other with a wide lens. You would not wish to skip the shot as you’re swapping lenses right as the lion/tiger is stepping for the kill, not to forget the dusty settings that can cause havoc on a bare sensor. Avoid carrying a tripod as they can be weighty and space is inadequate on the vehicle. Bring extra batteries and memory cards as you’ll have little chances to charge your camera and do photos transmission throughout the day. Whichever gear you decide to bring, it’s vital to know the ins and outs prior to your trip—if you’re busy fiddling with a new camera, you’re perhaps missing out on the rarest action around you in Tadoba Tiger Reserve.

2. Go With a Pro
It’s enticing to try and save money by organizing Tadoba wildlife safari on your own, but it’s worth it to go with a travel specialist, like Go Travellism. Excellent travel specialist can offer small or private Tadoba Tiger Safari tours so you are not struggling for a best view or moving on without you getting the aspired shot. A good professional will also have the knowledge and expertise with wildlife to make sure you’re in the right place at the right time to seize spectacular images. Going at it solo or with an inexpert operator might lead to lost opportunities and subpar pictures.

3. Light Is Important
The spirit of good photography comes from good lighting, and nature photography is no exclusion. It does not matter how costly your gear is, without good lighting, your pictures will be flat and boring. Getting the fine conceivable photos from your wildlife tour would mean losing some beauty sleep. Waking up prior to sunrise will endow with the best light and more prospects for active wildlife since majority of the animals retreat to relax in the shade during the hot duration of the day. Likewise, sunset is an ideal time to capture the sight of animals waking up from their noon naps as the sun sets on the skyline.

4. Be Patient
It is tantalizing to move on from the herd of elephants after clicking a few pictures, but patience is worth it. In order to get outstanding images, you have to devote time watching the animals. With the passage of time, you can better comprehend the animal’s behavior and relationships, which will provide you with better photos.

5. Acquire A Different Perspective
Jeep Safaris are by far the most common way tourists see wildlife in India but there are other options available too. Walking safaris give prospects to get on the ground and witness things that may go unnoticed in a vehicle (Do this, only when permitted and safe). Unlike most wildlife safari operators, Go Travellism is one of the few operators that focus in giving you an exceptional view of the landscape and animals while on the way to your destination.

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