Heaven for wildlife enthusiasts – Best Tiger Reserve in India

Maharashtra has gradually evolved into an Indian state of cities. Besides the financial and entertainment capital of the country and the state capital Mumbai, there are several other cities like Pune, Thane, Nagpur, Ahmadnagar, Kolhapur, Ratnagiri, Kalyan, Satara, etc have prospered into big cities in the last couple of decades. With lives getting hectic and enslaved around the clock in the cities, people are apparently in need to rejuvenate. For those people who enjoy being in the vicinity of wildlife, there cannot be more fun than visiting the tadoba tiger reserve.

Tadoba National Park is situated in the Chandrapur district of Maharashtra. It is the oldest as well as the best tiger reserve in India. It spans across a massive 625 square kilometres in area. Even though this national park has been around since 1955, tadoba wildlife safari still makes up for an exciting weekend ride. There are several tours available in all the cities across the state for reaching the tiger reserve and these tadoba tour packages can be availed as per ones preference and time availability. Besides approaching these travel packages, one can also go the digital way and make online safari booking tadoba for visiting the tiger reserve.




Transportation options to reach Tadoba National Park

Tadoba may be the oldest National Park in the state of Maharashtra, but there are plenty of transportation options available to reach the largest National park of the state having more than 80 tigers. The tadoba tiger safari is undertaken on jeeps or open top gypsy vehicles.These rides are restricted to 20% of the core zone after Supreme court’s order and is being followed by all national parks in India. These rides are free to roam in the entire 625 square kilometres expanse of the Tadoba Andhari National Park, unlike many other National Parks in the country which have many areas marked out as restricted areas for safari. These rides are available at 6 gates or terminals of the wildlife reserve, at distance varying from 120 kilometres to 250 kilometres from the city of Nagpur; can be decided on while doing tadoba safari booking.

While approaching from road, the nearest bus stand to the national park is available at Chandrapur and at Chimur which is 32 kilometres away.

By train, one can make a stop at the Chandrapur Railway Station at a distance of 45 kilometres or or Nagpur Junction from the commencement point of tadoba tour packages and falls on the Delhi-Chennai main railway line.

For Air Travel, the nearest stop is at the Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar International Airport of Nagpur, at a distance of 140 kilometres.


Accommodation options while visiting Tadoba National Park

One of the major concerns while visiting a wildlife reserve is that what will be the facility available for staying at the place. However, there ought to be no such concern while visiting the oldest National park in the state, the tadoba national park. There are several packages available which facilitate touring this tiger reserve. There are as many as 6 entry gates which facilitate entry to the tiger reserve and are at varying distance from the city of Nagpur, ranging from 120 kilometres to 250 kilometres. Furthermore, now there are options of making online safari booking tadoba.

While making the online booking for touring through this tiger reserve, one can also make bookings for accommodations as well. Besides the private tour services providing entities, there is Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation, a Maharashtra state endeavour for promoting and taking care of tourism in Maharashtra, which takes care of tourism to tadoba wildlife safari. MTDC also provides the options for accommodations which includes of self contained rooms in the vicinity of hotels and resorts at tadoba. These accommodations options are much more affordable as compared to other accommodation options provided by private tour operators to the Tadoba wildlife reserve of Chandrapur.


How is the weather at Tadoba?

The Weather conditions during the tadoba wildlife safari can be expected to be hot and humid. The place receives incessant Monsoon rains during the period of mid June to the end of September and can average up to 50 inches. Prior to the onset of the Monsoon, the place receives severe hot and humid conditions of summer during which the temperature can soar up to 45 degrees. The summer begins from March. Winter season at the tadoba national park is not as severe as in Northern parts of the country and temperature remains between 9 to 25 degrees during winter.