Top 5 Things To Do In Tadoba Tiger Reserve

Tadoba Safari

Tadoba Tiger Reserve is one of the largest and oldest wildlife sanctuaries of India, known for protecting threatened species of tigers. It is a preferred place for those interested in tiger safari in India and also endows a varied range of flowers and animals species. It is one of the best tiger reserve in India, as it is believed that once here, spotting of tigers is a guarantee. Many wildlife photographers, nature enthusiasts and even families with children frequent this place. So if you are planning a trip to book Tadoba Tour Packages, here’s a list of top 5 things you can do while you are there.

1. Take A Wildlife Safari Through The Jungle
The Tadoba National Park is a hotspot for biodiversity, with numerous kinds of mammals and reptiles comprising of Bengal Tiger, Sloth Bear, Sambhar, Spotted Dear, Striped Hyena, Marsh Crocodile, Indian Python and Indian Star Tortoise along with over 190 kinds of birds and even 74 forms of butterflies. A refreshing Tiger Safari in India will leave you both fascinated and well-informed. Since tiger sightings are very frequent here all around the week, ensure you make a great holiday plan with family and friends.

2. Photography
The safari in Tadoba Tiger Reserve lets you see the animals from nearby so that you can take best photographs of them. Furthermore, the plants and trees are attractive, and there are many exquisite lakes and watercourses where you can click photographs.

3. Village Visit
No traveler is content by just seeing the famous attractions. To get a touch of the place and blend in the local flavor, you must stopover at the Adegaon village, and several other villages nearby. Witness the way of life, unique culture, art and ‘varhadi’ cuisine. When you have experienced the life in the villages and its distinctive ways, try the authentic lunch at one of the native houses.

4. Shopping
Visit Palasgaon, a village recognized for its assortment of bamboo products produced here. This area of Maharashtra is prominent for the plethora of bamboo, and the inhabitants of Palasgaon had, a long time ago, the monetary viability of goods formed from bamboo. Here, you can purchase variety of bamboo items- lampshades, bins, baskets, vases, furniture and kitchen items to name a few. You can see these craftsmen carving away bamboo products, and also study from them.

5. Nature Walks
The area of Tadoba National Park is swarming with the chirping of birds. Even a little walk is certain to leave you happy if you enjoy spotting birds. Spend an hour early morning in walking activity in the surrounding forests of the best tiger reserve in India, or the watercourses flowing through the jungle area.

These are the things you can do while you are staying in any of the Tadoba hotels and resorts. Though, the safari is the high point of the destination. It is worth a visit, as we mentioned earlier, there’s high probability of spotting tigers. So do visit Tadoba soon and spend some quality time in nature.

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