The tadoba national park is the oldest and most expansive National Park in Maharashtra state. It is encapsulated within the Tadoba Andhari Reserve. While the national park which was established in the year 1955 has an expanse of a little over 625 square kilometres, the entire expanse Tadoba Andhari reserve is well above 1700 square kilometres including hills high as 350 meter, lake and dense deciduous forest cover. Those undertaking tadoba tour packages would come across the history associated with the national park. Taru, the village chief of Tadoba, was killed in an encounter with a tiger which has mythological significance.

The online safari booking tadoba elucidates knowledge about a shrine of God Taru present at the banks of the lake. The Adivasis visit this place, more often during the time period between December and January, the Hindu month of Pausha. Besides the mythological history, the tadoba wildlife safari has a relatively newer history of the place as well. The place which is in the vicinity of Chimur hills was under the rules of the Gond Royal family. Hunting was banned at the place since 1935, well before country became independent in 1947 and place got its National Park status in 1955.

Exploring the Pride Of Maharashtra – best tiger reserve in India

Take exclusive tadoba tour from pune or Mumbai and drive all the way through the access gate at Mohurli and you are right away into one of the huge Tiger safari in India.  The Tadoba Wildlife Reserve is known to be the last remnants of the great swathes of forests that lay west to east transversely in Central India. Being one of the best tiger reserve in India, the place exhibits simple exquisiteness of low forested hills, gleaming lakes and unwrapped grasslands.

Today, Tadoba has become one of the best tiger reserve in India abounds in tigers, with a number of individual tigresses and cubs comfortable with vehicles, but the park abounds in a host of other stellar performers too, amongst them shaggy Sloth bears, packs of wild dogs, huge Gaur, the ancestors of today’s cattle, leopard and crocodile, together with the deer and antelope to sustain them. Moreover, enjoy the view of butterflies and birds of these Great Central Indian Forests, with abundant raptors, ample waterbirds and songbirds in their multihued feathers.

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