QR code to check fake access in Tadoba National Park

tadoba QR

In an attempt to check false entries, the Tadoba Tiger Reserve (TATR) will soon be introducing QR (Quick Response) code from October 16, when the Tadoba Wildlife Safari season begins.
QR Code (Also called as bar code) is basically an advanced machine-readable optical label that comprises of information regarding the element to which it is attached. It would also be into service essentially to authenticate whether the same person who had done Tadoba Safari Booking is entering. Tadoba Tiger Reserve will be the first park in Maharashtra to introduce the QR code system.
QR codes are utilized over a much extensive range of applications these days. These consist of commercial tracking, fun/entertainment and transport ticketing, product and loyalty marketing in addition to in-store product labelling.
This action has been taken after unearthing of a number of fake bookings by a segment of resort owners in the recent history.
As reported by some sources, in September 2017, Chief Conservator of Forests (CCF) and Field Director Mukul Trivedi had effectively exposed well thought-out fraud encompassing several entries in the name of same individuals, to some extent changing their names however using same contact number and e-mail IDs.
The Tadoba Hotels and Resorts owners were accustomed in booking entries in various names and later sold these Tadoba bookings for a premium to potential customers.
The QR code would help notice false entries. If somebody tried to interfere with the ticket by altering the names, the bar code will instantly detect it
Although the Tadoba National Park will reopen from October 1, the QR code system will come into operation at all the gates from October 16.
Since July 1, when Tadoba National Park was closed for 3 months for monsoon, there were enquiries by tourists for Online Tadoba Safari bookings which opens 120 days before i.e July 16.
However, Online Tadoba Safari Bookings are locked as the park is overhauling the booking system to introduce the new change. The same will be available from October 16.
Talking to some of the sources, Kanha Tiger Reserve field director Sanjay Shukla said, “We presented the system in MP this year only. It is a great thing but we confronted some hands-on issues like poor light for the duration of morning safari. We are solving these issues.”
Naturalist and regular visitor for Tadoba Tiger Safari, Himanshu Bagde said, “It is a good decision. QR codes are made use of over a much wider range of applications. Now entry tickets would be authenticated and fake entries will be restricted.”

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