Butterfly Park Adds New Shade To Adventure Tourism In Tadoba


Native products under Brand ‘Tadoba’, growth of interpretation centres at Kolara and Mohurli, a butterfly garden, bird protection area, tadoba tiger safari, 4D theatre, elephant safari, adventure tourism in Navegoan area, prime amenities for tourists at the entrance gates of core and buffer areas, comfy resting places, eco-friendly toilets and lunchroom/cafeteria are some of the attributes of a plan to make Tadoba National Park-a world class destination for adventure tourism.

Embarked with an initiative of State Finance and Forest Minister, Mr. Sudhir Mungantiwar, Tadoba National Park seeks to endow may other adventure & nature-related activities other than tiger-centric tourism.

The recently inaugurated Butterfly World is spread across 5 acres of land at Agarzari village on Chandrapur-Moharli Road in the buffer of Tadoba Tiger Reserve. Butterfly World is now becoming an additional attraction for tourists who are keen to book Tadoba Tour Packages.

Being positioned in buffer area of Tadoba National Park, the Butterfly World is appealing tourists mainly enjoying wildlife safari in buffer zone of the tiger reserve. A good number of nature lovers can be seen in the park along with their kids and students on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. A latest visit to the Tadoba Tiger Reserve revealed that tourists have started taking keen interest.

It is an open-air pasture having mixture of food plants to draw butterflies and host plant. Butterfly World is enclosed by forests and that assists in attracting these lovely flying insects with big scaly wings. Butterflies have now found new habitat in this best tiger reserve in India. Around 80 best species of butterflies have made this tiger reserve in India as their home. The State’s butterfly Blue Mormon can also be nearsighted at Tadoba.

The objectives of the park are: To enlighten tourists about butterflies and prominence of every species in the ecological system, preserve biodiversity of the area, offer livelihood to locals with conservation projects, study butterfly meticulously, which is known as an indicator species of wildlife eco-system and add more to just tadoba tiger safari.

An interpretation centre is situated at the admission to the park so as to provide prime ideas about butterflies to people through photographs on life cycle comprising of egg, larva, pupa and adult. A glass house is prepared in the park in order to watch butterflies closely. Boards showing pictures and info on diverse species are established in the garden to inform people on these flamboyant insects.

There are dangling bridge, striking butterfly-shaped fountain, machaan walk, entertainment & playing area, kid’s corner, cafeteria, local souvenir shop and various other facilities. Interestingly, the butterfly project is run by some local youth enthusiasts that also helps them earns income.

Forest Department is thus offering employment prospects to the local youths via eco-tourism, amenities through ‘Dr Shyamaprasad Mukherjee Jan Van Yojana’ and now with this butterfly park that is altering perception of the villagers towards looking at forest reserve and wild animals.

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