A safari to find the natural wild animals is exciting enough, but to discover the life of the huge beast- The Tiger is an extraordinary animal that no tourist in India would like to miss.

India has attained a great history when it comes to tigers and also wildlife. From the legendary tales showing the significance of deities riding on this animal to being mascots and also besides that, being the national animal of India, tigers have actually absolutely ruled the Indian history.

The Tiger population has substantially lessened from around 100,000 at the start of the 20th century to as low as 4000 of these wonderful animals continuing to exist. The only best way now to catch a sight of this majestic wild beast is with a Tiger safari in India. An encounter with the Tigers in the wild is a complete hair-raising moment and at the same time a complete ‘Wow’ moment. The well-built body, the rich stripes, the self-contained ecstasy, is eye bewitching and a pleasure to watch.

The Tiger Safari today is mainly diversified and provides a lot of valiant opportunities to make sure that every tourist enjoys the natural wildlife journey and make each and every encounter an unforgettable one. Be it the typical jeep safaris or open elephant back ride safaris, you are certain to enjoy this interesting journey to meet up the Maharajah of the Jungle. The most excellent way to spot a tiger in the forest is on a 4X4 safari jeep. Here you get to go through the wildlife habitat in safe and sound vehicles, jeeps, and with a naturalist and driver who will take you to those explicit spots where you would come across these banded beauties. This is a grand option where the whole family could sit together accompanied by a few great photo shoots. With this jeep safari preference, you get to travel around the inner depths of the wilderness without troubling the natural environment. You can take pleasure in your jeep safari by venturing into the deeper sections of the forest and travel larger distances.

An Elephant back safari is an additional option which is conducted in a small number of National Parks in India where you catch a chance to get up close and personally meeting with the Tiger’s that are persuaded to take your breath away. Staying just a few meters away and experiencing the life of this animal is unquestionably a humbling incident and the memory of which would be captured for infinity. Elephants are effortlessly accepted by the Tigers because they are an element of its natural surroundings and hence this safari is surely an unbeatable experience. These elephants are well trained and the mahouts are exceedingly experienced and they channel you with ease through the dense forest to ensure you obtain the most excellent view of the tigers and at the finest of times of the day. Sit back, relax, take in the warmness and beauty and enjoy being an element of this special safari.

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Royal Bengal Tiger Safari India (Panthera tigris Tigris)
Tigers are the largest members of the cat family and are known for their power as well as vigor. Formerly there were eight tiger subspecies, although three of them vanished during the 20th century. Since the last 100 years, hunting and forest demolition have condensed tiger populations from numerous animals to possibly fewer than 2,500. Tigers are hunted for their body parts which are used in conventional Chinese medication. All five enduring tiger subspecies are in threat of extinction and many shelter programs are in place. Royal Bengal Tiger hardly exists in India and are now called as Indian Tigers. Over several centuries they have actually turned out to be a significant part of the Indian tradition. Tigers live unaided and aggressively scent-mark large areas to maintain their rivals away. They are commanding nocturnal hunters that travel many miles to search buffalo, wild pigs, deer, and other huge mammals.

Tigers use their distinguishing coats as camouflage (none of the two have exactly the same stripes). They lie in, stay and sneak close enough to attack their targets with a quick spring and a deadly pounce.

A starving tiger can munch as much as 60 pounds (27 kilograms) in a
single night, though they normally eat less. In spite of their fearsome reputation, a lot of tigers stay away from humans; however, a few end up being hazardous man-eaters. These animals frequently fall sick and are unable to hunt or stay in a region where their long-established prey has gone astray. Females give birth to litters of two to six cubs which they raise without any assistance from the male. Cubs cannot chase until they are 18 months old and so they stay with their mothers. When Tigers turn two to three years old, they go away to find their own territory.

Why A Tiger Safari?
The strength of the Indian jungle is the Tiger. Even his far-away roar or an alarm, call of a number of animals announcing his presence, charge the complete surroundings of the Jungle with intense sensitivity, and the ability to shock; untiring willpower, agility in an attack, the stubbornness to follow and the force to overpower are the qualities necessary in a victorious predator. The Tiger possesses them all in an unbelievable way.

He is the depiction of India wilderness as well as its National Heritage Species. His flexible majesty, powerful strength rippling under a yellowish-brown coat, his equilibrium and the mesmerizing look is a tantalizing beacon to all those who desire to capture this unmatchable attractiveness on their lens.

India is one of those places where you get the chance to experience the best Tiger Safaris and the wilderness of unimaginable tiger species in the different Tiger reserves across India. The Royal Bengal Tiger is the representation of the reigning command as well as the regal animal in the forest. A Safari on an Indian tiger tour is a must as it is a lot of fun to blemish tigers in their natural environment. Indian tigers have sovereigns regarding them along with that they are the grandest species across the globe. You have the option of seeing them in natural wildlife reserves, wildlife sanctuaries as well as parks.

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