Facts about Tigers you might not know!

If you are planning for tadoba tiger safari you should brush up your knowledge about the enigmatic big cat.

  • One of the lesser known facts about tiger is that its eye pupils are round and not slit unlike domestic cats and its eyes have nearly 6 times better vision than humans.
  • While it is known to many that Tigers stripes are like human fingerprints being unique specific to every tiger; not many while making tiger safari in india would know that tigers are very adept at swimming unlike many other big cats. Tigers can swim more than 25 kilometres in single day!
  • While preparing to sight one of 80 tigers during tadoba tiger safari, one should keep in mind that one of the grim facts which explain the woefully small numbers of tigers living currently is that Tigers do not have sight during first week of their existence and only half of the tigers survive to adulthood.
  • For expressing happiness, tigers tend to close their eyes since they cannot purr. While going to tadoba national park, one should always remember that tigers can pace as fast as 60 kmph for short distances and can jump up to 5 meters high and 6 meters long.

Experience the real adventure of Tadoba tiger safari in India

Are you planning to escape into the dense wilderness in the upcoming winter holiday season? You are just a step closer to your much-to-be-memorable plan with Tadoba safari booking– “ Wildlife Pride Of Maharashtra”. Tadoba National Park, one of the renowned tiger reserve in Maharashtra is the beautiful wildlife paradise. With the extensive media hype of the threat the tigers have been going through and the very few sighting opportunity offered in urban zoos, many exploratory tourists are engaging in Tadoba Tiger Safari to experience the real tiger adventure.‘

So in order to travel around & see the sights of rare species of animals, birds & plants, it’s imperative to check on the best tadoba tour packages. Travel Clubs such as Mumbai Travellers offer exciting customized tadoba tour packages as per your distinct preferences. The package includes the safari which is organized on an open jeep and the journey continues with spotting the tiger and other amusements. Travel to Tadoba by availing the fun-filled Tadoba tour packages and have a thrilling travelling experience. Explore a range of places of interest in Tadoba by travelling around this well-liked wildlife vacationer destination.

The open safari jeep ride, also famous as tiger safari is generally of few hour duration in the dense reserve, where the possibilities of tiger spotting and other species of flora & fauna are comparatively high. Thus online safari booking in Tadoba is mandatory, if you want to avoid the last minute hassle. Once you are done with online safari booking in Tadoba, you can await a memorable break from the rush-hush of robotic lives. All the procedures of online safari booking for Tadoba Jungle Trail are managed by the forest officials as per the regulations of Maharashtra’s forest department.

The fertile beauty of woods and captivating hodgepodge of flora and fauna in Tadoba mesmerizes the sightseers in no time. With no doubt, every wildlife aficionado must stopover this destination to see natural wild world in the midst of enchanting panorama. Discover and avail diverse, pocket-friendly and various packages headed for this tadoba tiger reserve to take pleasure in a wide-ranging and unforgettable wildlife tour.


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