Ornithologists delight at Tadoba National Park

Those going to the Tadoba Tiger Reserve for the first time might not be aware of what a surprising delight it has to offer for those who have interest in spotting birds. Besides the conspicuous attraction of 65 Bengal Tigers and many other mammals and reptiles, Tadoba National Park known to be Ornithologists delight for it has a vast collection of birds of varied shapes, origin and colors in its 625 square kilometres area wingspread. Most of the bird spotting is done near the lake which is inside the national park.

From raptors to water birds, those having a keen eye for bird watching are bound to go back from tadoba wildlife safari to the homes absolutely overwhelmed by the sheer diversity in the birds found here in Chandrapurs national park. The authorities at the national park, more popularly known for its tadoba tiger safari, have recorded sighting of as many as 195 different species of birds at Tadoba inclusive of 3 endangered bird species. Major raptor attractions at this largest national park in Maharashtra include the Crested Serpent Eagle, Changeable Hawk Eagles, the Grey Headed Fish Eagle, etc. The sighting of water birds is centric to the lake area.

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