Flora diversities at Tadoba National Reserve

The online safari booking tadoba is mainly done to enjoy the wildlife in the 625 square kilometres expanse of Tadoba Andhari national park. However, the Tadoba Andhari National Reserve has equally awe inspiring offering for those looking for Flora diversities in this Chandrapur reserve. The tadoba national park is basically a Southern Tropical Dry Deciduous Forest. It is a dense forest variant and 87 percent of the protected area has dense woodlands. The tree variant with most pre dominant presence in the tiger reserve is Teak. However, there is presence of many other deciduous trees like Ain, Hald, Salai, Dhauda, Tendu and Semal in the reserve famous especially for tigers.

Among other trees which can be spotted during the tadoba tour packages include mahua madhuca, beheda, karaya gum, Lannea Coramandelica, etc. One of the major attractions here is Axlewood Anogeissus latifolia. This is a fire resistant floral species. Flame of the Forest or Butea Monosperma or Palas adds colour to the floral representation which one can enjoy during the stay at hotels and resorts at tadoba. There are several medicinal herbs also found here which can be used for varied medical purposes ranging from insect repellent to treating Parkinsons disease.

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