Fascinating Facts About Tadoba’s Majestic Royal Bengal Tigers


Situated in Maharashtra, the Tadoba National Park is located in Maharashtra, India is a main attraction for the real wildlife enthusiasts. It is acknowledged to be the abode of truly outstanding and majestic ‘Royal Bengal Tigers’.

The Royal Bengal Tiger surely is one of the most attractive creatures ever known to humans. They are habitually found in India and Bangladesh. The regal Panthera Tigris is seen even in Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar and Southern Tibet. The hot deserts as well as the cool & wet grasslands are their usual habitat. Although a large number of them are identified existing, they are experiencing a greater risk of getting threatened. Today, there are about 2,500 of this tiger sub-species still remaining in the world. India has established many best tiger reserves and this has really helped in maintaining or stabilizing the numbers. Nevertheless, poaching in recent times seems to be endangering the safety of life and shelter of the big cat family once again. Here are some fascinating facts about the most remarkable and dominant creations in Tadoba Tiger Reserve.

Solitary Existence
The Royal Bengal Tigers seem to be lonely animals and are often seen in grasslands, swamps and mangroves, swamps. These are unsociable animals but they are typically, known to come together during the breeding season. Though, at times, you can spot tiger in clusters of 3-4 tigers.

Remarkable Statistics
There are many amazing Tadoba hotels and resorts for tourists. You could stay in these Tadoba hotels and resorts and enjoy a thrilling jungle vacation with your family and friends. No wildlife vacation would be accomplished without a tiger safari in India. If you ever plan a Tadoba safari, it is quite usual to witness a safe encounter with this regal animal.
Tadoba National Park boasts of top ‘Tiger Sighting Index’ (TSI) and you might come across a full-sized male Royal Bengal Tiger. You will be simply awe-struck by its sheer size. Royal Bengal Tiger might be growing up to 9ft long if it is a male and female might be reaching around 8 ft in terms of length. When weight is concerned, a male tiger could be weighing up to approximately 420 pounds while its female counterpart could be weighing only around 310 pounds in comparison.

The Royal Bengal Tiger is indeed a true powerhouse that makes Tiger Safari in India even more interesting. They have a really strong body structure. They have colossal power and the knack to drag a prey for even as far as a mile even if the prey is somewhat heavier than their weight. They are extremely powerful.

Tiger Owns the Longest Canine Among All Carnivorous Animals
These majestic creatures are recognized to have the longest canines among all other carnivorous animals. They have canines as lengthy as 4 inches and these are known to be larger than even the ones owned by the lions.  They boast of sheathable claws that help them in ascending. They have exceptional vision and best hearing ability.

Highly-Trained Killers
These tigers are understandably, highly-trained. They are capable in catching a prey and are trained well to slay and destroy a prey. When a tiger take-offs a power-packed attack, the prey stands undeniably no chance to run away. The tiger will be breaking the captive’s spinal cord or grabbing the throat so forcefully that the captured animal will die.

Tree Climbers
The magnificent and dynamic Bengal Tigers in Tadoba Tiger Reserve are quite huge so they are not naturally skilful at climbing trees. However, while chasing the prey, they will not think twice about ascending up a tree.
Experts at Marking Wide-ranging Territory

Even though these big cats seem quite sluggish, sleeping and resting all the time, once they rise into action, nobody could compete with them and they are able to run huge distances, marking and defending extensive territory that may spread to as much as 200 sq. miles.

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