Importance of Wildlife Sanctuary & National Park

welcome to the tadoba national parkCreator of the planet gives us everything without expecting anything in return. We live in such a beautiful world which has diverse species of animals, flora, and fauna, mountains, forest, ocean, etc. Wildlife sanctuaries & National parks are among them and it helps to save the natural world and benefit us all in different ways. Sadly, humans being are the self-centered animal who destroy such wonderful nature for his need. They kill animals, pollute nature, cut backwoods, dump waste in oceans. We destroy the supporting condition of plants and animals.


Wildlife is a priceless gift. It includes all wild animals, plants, fungi, birds, insects, and even microscopic organism. Wildlife forest is essential for maintaining and providing ecological balance. These places play a crucial role in nature. Therefore, for protecting and taking care of wild animals, plants, and forest, we need to understand the importance of wild animals and the jungle in our life. The prime objective of the wildlife sanctuary & national parks is to preserve wild nature.


Wildlife sanctuary & National parks are two sides of one coin. The national park is a protected area reserved for the conservation of wildlife. And wildlife sanctuary is a geographical region reserved for the conservation of biodiversity. National parks have a specific boundary, and human activities are prohibited there. On the contrary, wildlife sanctuaries do not have any boundaries.


Need and advantages the Wildlife Sanctuary:

  1. In wildlife sanctuary, wild animals are bred and protected for the rest of their life until their natural death.
  2. Wildlife sanctuary established for the purpose of preserving biodiversity or preserving the nation’s natural environment.
  3. Some wildlife sanctuaries also offer rehabilitation. The sanctuary accepts abandoned & injured animals and nurses it back to health before releasing it into the sanctuary.
  4. It helps to save and bring back endangered animals by providing them a natural habitat. And also prevent some species from becoming endangered.


Need and advantages of National Parks:

  1. It helps to protect wildlife and jungles. Landforms in the national park are protected from development, pollution & deforestation and provide a natural habitat for wild animals.
  2. National Park preserves historical structure to give us a clear idea about how people lived there in the past. In many national parks around the planet, Tribal people live separate from civilization and their culture is generally protected there.
  3. National parks not only protect wild animals and often protect tribal people and their cultures.


Wildlife sanctuary & National park encourage wildlife tourism so you can enjoy & learn about wildlife. Tourists can find the best opportunities for wildlife safari, birds watching, sightseeing, and campaigning.  

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